Jul 11

Trade Miner

Mining technology in collecting data has grown really quick over the last decade, but now we have access to mining data in the Financial markets. Finding short and long term trends is critical when trading and using the Trade Miner software can determine trends fast and easily. You can use the TradeMiner.com software in Stocks, Forex and Futures markets.

Each trade is placed with less risk and above average market returns. The best part is, it only takes the highest probability trades available. Although some trades may seem like they could work, if all the specifications are not made the trade will not be placed.

The Trade Miner Software digs through millions of records seeking the profitable trade of over 80% in the past 10-15 years. You can check per stock, future or currency pair. Artificial Intelligence has been around for some time and now you have access to it with the Trade Miner software.

Using the internal ranking system, picking the instrument to trade only gets easier. This proprietary system, lines up all the pairs or stocks you are watching in a color coded system giving you the exact information you need. When to enter/exit and much more.

Trade Miner Review

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Trade Miner Review