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TradeVantage makes use of a neural network in order to make Forex trading decisions for you. This method of computing attempts to mimic the human brain and weed out all of the noise—or useless information—and focus solely on the aspects of trading that you can capitalize upon. With this software, a lot of data is input and a few quality trades are acknowledged as the output. There will not be a trade set every day as TradeVantage focuses solely on the quality of the trades it suggests and not on a quantity of trades.

This makes it unique amongst trading software. Only the very best and most profitable trades are suggested. In fact, this program has had a success rate of about 87 percent over the long haul, making it even more effective of a Forex trader than some of the top minds in the business. With such a great track record, using TradeVantage becomes well worth the investment you put into it. The software is priced very generously for results of this caliber.

TradeVantage Review

TradeVantage is extremely easy to use. It gives you a set of data: an entry and an exit price, plus stop-loss points. You simply type in the info into your broker’s platform in the morning once the data is delivered and then sit back and wait. Because all of the info is given ahead of time, you no longer need to worry about sitting in front of your computer all day and attempting to hit your goal prices. If your trade is profitable, great. And in the rare case that it isn’t, you have a stop-loss point to protect you. This frees up a lot of your time and allows you to focus on the other things of importance in your life.

Of course, TradeVantage is not day trading. You will oftentimes have trades open for several days before your exit price is reached. This is okay. The software acknowledges that this will happen and allows for it easily by giving you five different signals: a buy signal, a sell signal, a close signal, a trade hold signal, and a no trade signal. By following these five simple guidelines, you will be well on your way to making a lot of money in the Forex world.

Patience is a necessary virtue with this product. You won’t always have a trade every day, but it’s important that you follow the software’s guidance. By having such a simplified way of trading, you won’t need to be very interactive with the markets. Only a small portion of time is necessary at the beginning of each day. Sometimes, you will have nothing to do for an entire day. This is okay as TradeVantage focuses on bringing you only the very best trades. Doing nothing is okay if the alternative is losing money. So by following this advice, you cut down a lot on the needless trades that many people execute out of boredom. This software eliminates this and makes your trading much more streamlined and efficient. (Read More)