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Penny Stock MillionaireTim Sykes made a name for himself a few years ago by turning $12,000 into $1.5 million by trading penny stocks and small cap stocks over just a couple years. He now has a huge following of traders and bases his trading decisions on catalysts within the news. His new Penny Stock Millionaire program is designed to help even the most novice of traders become successful. He does stipulate that this is not a “get rich quick” scheme, but it is a guide that will help traders find more opportunity by trading penny stocks.

This program focuses on getting you worthwhile data. Other investment “gurus” often make statements on stocks because they have to without putting a wholehearted effort into researching them, Sykes claims. As a result, the average investor following these so called experts, is placed at a severe disadvantage. The conventional modes of conveying information, then, is flawed. This is where the Penny Stock Millionaire steps in.

There is a big difference between a system with a long term track record and a brand new one. They might both make huge promises, but a fad system stands a very real chance of failing. The Penny Stock Millionaire stands in the first category. Sykes has consistently posted profits with his penny stock trading system for over twelve years. This is a phenomenal record, and it is something that cannot be duplicated by newer short term trading systems. It needs to be emphasized that this is not an overnight get rich scheme. It is a proven system and can benefit you over the long term in a manner that other systems cannot.

The profit potential with Penny Stock Millionaire is not slight, though, either. There is a huge amount of potential as you can see from Sykes own public track record. Penny stocks have a huge potential because they can move in price extremely quickly. It’s not unheard of for a penny stock to double in price over just a few days. Plus, once these penny stocks start to take off, they get noticed by bigger investors, thus raising their prices to an even higher level.

The system is quite easy. Sykes and his team look for tiny stocks with big potential. These are placed on a watch list and are shared with Penny Stock Millionaire members. Once the previously established criteria are met, Sykes will execute a trade and start realizing the profits. When something is moved from the watch list to the buy list; these are shared with members in real time. In other words, Sykes will share the trades he is making with his subscribers so that they can realize the same profits that he takes in.

Penny Stock Millionaire has a huge amount of potential for traders of all ability. Because penny stocks often go unnoticed, they remain an untapped resource. With this system, you can get in on this secret portion of the stock market.