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Forex News SniperTrade the news with the newly released version of News Trade Sniper. This innovative system takes on news trading with sniper like skills and builds your account size at every news event. If you’ve been around Forex long enough, you know that around 20 of the major news events around the world are big market movers for the currency markets. Trading events like Non Farm Payrolls and GDP right at that moment can sound a bit scary. Well, now you have the News Trader Sniper to help you attack these trades with precision and confidence.

What makes news trading so great; Timing. You know exactly when these trades will occur, so you can plan your day accordingly. Most times if there is enough deviation in the news reported number, the trade will work. However, if the deviation is too small the trade will most likely not occur and keep you out of the market. This helps you from get whip sawed out of your trade at news time. The key for this product to work is having a solid broker. This way you don’t have to worry so much about slippage.

We’ve seen other products trade the news similar to News Trade Sniper and we’ve always said that this is a great way to trade for part time traders. With a live Trading room and a Sniper news trading tool, you will have a lot of things working for you so that you can make money on your trades.

The News Trade Sniper price is set at $497 for the first month and $147 each additional month you own the product. This gives you access to the trade room, the sniper trading tool and the important news feed that you need to get the signal of deviation.

As of right now, we’ve seen news trading products before and this one looks real promising. You can read more at News Trade Sniper.