Jun 11

Straddle Trader Pro

Straddle Trader Pro ReviewA Forex Straddle Trader Pro plays both sides of a trade. In other words, this type of currency trading involves setting entry points on either side of a trade. If you are trading the Euro and the U.S. dollar and the current exchange rate is at 1.4820, a proper straddle trade would have entry prices set at something like 1.4920 and 1.4720. By selling a falling currency or buying a rising one, you are going to be moving in whichever direction the news says you should be. As you can see, when the currency moves enough in price, one or the other of these entry points will be set off and a trade will be automatically conducted.

Straddle trading works best when you have the guarantee that the price is going to move since setting entry points comes at a cost. Trading the news is perhaps the most popular place to conduct straddle trades because of the fact that when major news is released, the market is almost guaranteed to move. News trading is one of the most popular ways to trade—straddle trading allows you to realize a gain regardless of what the news dictates. In reality, StraddleTraderPro, if the move produced is big enough, will net you a profit either way. Good news will set off a trade in one direction while bad news sets off an opposite trade in the other. Regardless of what the news is, you will be buying or selling a currency in the manner that the news dictates.

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StraddleTrader Pro Review