Delphi Scalper 2.0 ReviewRecently re-released, the Delphi Scalper is here to help you take on fast moving Forex markets and grab quick profits. A lot of traders like being in and out of markets quickly. The Delphi Scalper 2.0 was created just for this purpose. This is a trading strategy that is definitely worth looking at and could be the missing piece to your successful Forex Run.

Here is what is involved in the Delphi Scalper

Trading in fast moving markets and scalping trades are the critical pieces of this type of trading. You must first understand these principles before you start trading this method. Finding the right time frame to trade and seeking the high reward scenarios is what it’s all about. Selecting the right currency pair to scalp is also a critical piece to this type of Forex trading.

There are several rules put in place by the Forex Delphi Scalper 2.0 and we will discuss them now. You must use all the rules before trade execution.

Rule One: The opportunity Window shows you the right times to scalp the Forex market. If you are in the window of opportunity, you have better chance of success vs. outside the time range.

Rule Two: The Currency Strength Indicator lets you know which cross pair you should be watching for the next trade.

Rule Three: A Price Action Indicator shows the history of Support and Resistance. These become the Delphi Scalper entry and exits areas.

Rule Four: These are filter indicators giving you assurance of whether you should be making a trade or not.

The Delphi Scalper comes down to a few simple rules and indicators. Putting them together can definitely help you trade smarter and more effectively. To see the Delphi Scalper live Click Here.

Delphi Scalper 2.0 Review ReviewThe inside world of the Forex trading industry does not need to be a mystery any longer. Hedge Fund Copier is a product designed by market insiders that is constructed to allow them to share their market predictions with you instantaneously. You will never again need to worry about currency pairs taking off in an unanticipated direction without knowing the reasoning for the move. Hedge Fund Copier will allow you to stay ahead of these movements and will better allow you to determine exactly when to initiate your trade in order to get the most pip movement possible.

The way it works is quite simple. From around the world, depending on which markets are open, market professionals will share their insight as to what is about to happen in the markets based upon their research and connections with hedge funds and other large trading organizations. This will give you a jump over all of your competition and will allow you to increase your amount of pips gained.

Market direction is not just blindly submitted via the software. Their reasoning for every decision is also submitted to you, this will allow you to see not only when the market is moving, but why the market is moving as well. This feature will soon allow you to make your own decisions as you will quickly learn what factors are important to moving currency prices. Every move that you should make is transmitted to you. This virtually assures that your trades will be foolproof and will help you to gain a clear-cut advantage over other traders. And perhaps more importantly, it will allow you to earn money within the difficult Forex market. Take a look at the Hedge Fund Copier live now.

Hedge Fund Copier Review

Black Diamond Trader ReviewThe Black Diamond Trader system offers its clients a fully automated trading experience. This goes for any stock symbol that a trader might be interested in. If this does not sound appealing and you would rather use your own personal discretion when it comes to committing, there is also a suggestion option in which you can look at the proposed entry and exit points before committing to a final trade. This combination of options allows traders to make money with minimal effort on their behalf.

Regardless of what type of training you might employ, the Black Diamond system can be of service to you. Buy and sell signals can be applied to current market situations, giving you a very broad array of trading time frame choices. If you wish to keep this automated so that you can spend your time elsewhere, you can certainly take a step back and let the computer do the work for you.

The Black Diamond Trader system goes far beyond traditional stocks. This powerful tool can be used with MetaTrader4, TradeStation 8 and 9, as well as NinjaTrader’s platforms. As such, you can trade within the Forex, futures, and commodities markets as well—this software can essentially make you money anywhere.

Black Diamond Trading uses a triple filter in order to realize the best possible trades for you. These include market sentiment, trend direction indicators, and trend strength indicators. By looking at and using all three of these filters before any commitment, you are greatly improving the chances of fulfilling your quest for profitable trades.

See it live at

Black Diamond Trading Review

Mining technology in collecting data has grown really quick over the last decade, but now we have access to mining data in the Financial markets. Finding short and long term trends is critical when trading and using the Trade Miner software can determine trends fast and easily. You can use the software in Stocks, Forex and Futures markets.

Each trade is placed with less risk and above average market returns. The best part is, it only takes the highest probability trades available. Although some trades may seem like they could work, if all the specifications are not made the trade will not be placed.

The Trade Miner Software digs through millions of records seeking the profitable trade of over 80% in the past 10-15 years. You can check per stock, future or currency pair. Artificial Intelligence has been around for some time and now you have access to it with the Trade Miner software.

Using the internal ranking system, picking the instrument to trade only gets easier. This proprietary system, lines up all the pairs or stocks you are watching in a color coded system giving you the exact information you need. When to enter/exit and much more.

Trade Miner Review

See more information on the Trade Miner Software now.

Trade Miner Review

Trader Outlook Live ReviewComing to Chicago in August are two well known traders that want to share their secrets with you. You can learn from the best and take that knowledge back home with you after you attend this two day seminar.

Trader Outlook LIVE…August 5th & 6th 2011 at the University of Illinois-Chicago. You of course have the option to show up for the live event or watch it over the Internet through a streaming feed.

Bob Iaccino
A very successful trader who has been teaching others for many years. Has appeared on CNBC many times to cover the markets. With 18 years of experience he knows the secrets and tricks that exist. From Trading rooms to hedge funds he has been around.

While trading for himself he does get a lot of pleasure helping other struggling traders become profitable. He know what it’s like to be on your own out there.

Bob Iaccino ReviewWatch the Seminar from your own Home

Professional trader resume for Bob Iaccino:

Skills in the Chicago Pits
18 plus years of profitable trading
Veteran of Bank Trading Rooms and Hedge Funds
500+ Interviews on CNBC, Fox Biz, Bloomberg, etc..

Tres Knippa

As a trader of the futures markets for over 15 years, Tres Knippa is one gentleman that will also help you get out of that rut and become a better trader.

His resume is strong and his information can only help you anyone struggling at trading.

Learn more about their teachings and what they can do for you.

Trader Outlook Live Review

Vladimirs Forex Signals ReviewVladimir Ribakov’s Forex Signals and Mentoring is a “one stop shop” for all things related to currency trading. This product will allow you access to buy and sell signals, a shared real money account, and finally, Forex trading advice and guidance. The shared real money account is a unique innovation to traditional forex robots and signals. This idea is different from other currency funds because a good amount of the funds come from Ribakov’s own pocket. This fund began solely with Ribakov’s money, and was managed by his top followers. Today, the shared money account allows traders of all sizes the opportunity to make money in a collective fund. Whenever profits are large enough, Ribakov splits them with all of the members of his site. In other words, you can profit with only $10 worth of risk every time you make a deposit.


Straddle Trader Pro ReviewA Forex Straddle Trader Pro plays both sides of a trade. In other words, this type of currency trading involves setting entry points on either side of a trade. If you are trading the Euro and the U.S. dollar and the current exchange rate is at 1.4820, a proper straddle trade would have entry prices set at something like 1.4920 and 1.4720. By selling a falling currency or buying a rising one, you are going to be moving in whichever direction the news says you should be. As you can see, when the currency moves enough in price, one or the other of these entry points will be set off and a trade will be automatically conducted.

Straddle trading works best when you have the guarantee that the price is going to move since setting entry points comes at a cost. Trading the news is perhaps the most popular place to conduct straddle trades because of the fact that when major news is released, the market is almost guaranteed to move. News trading is one of the most popular ways to trade—straddle trading allows you to realize a gain regardless of what the news dictates. In reality, StraddleTraderPro, if the move produced is big enough, will net you a profit either way. Good news will set off a trade in one direction while bad news sets off an opposite trade in the other. Regardless of what the news is, you will be buying or selling a currency in the manner that the news dictates.

Look For the latest Straddle Trader Pro Review when it comes to market.

StraddleTrader Pro Review is the home of the first quantum strength filters robot made accessible to the public. Because it is different, it will allow you to generate income through your trades in a manner that no other robot can. In these instances, you will avoid the masses and will be able to make money with other opportunities. Quantum strength filters allow you to skip over many of the false entries that other robots would enter for you, thus allowing you to save money on your trades. With six different filters, this is a thorough and unique approach to trading.

While no system or robot is completely perfect, QuantumFXBot offers a product that will help you to take a step in that direction. With its stingy money management plan, you are able to save your money for the trades that really matter—thus ensuring that you protect your profits and minimize any losses. By targeting three different currency pairs, the U.S. Dollar / Swiss Franc, the Euro / Dollar, and the Pound / Dollar, this robot allows you to trade a wide variety of currencies. With its sophisticated algorithm system, all three of these pairs can be traded accurately.

This system works for you regardless of what your trading skill level might be. It is easy on rookie traders and can be customized for professionals who know exactly what they want out of a robot. It has a glove-like fit perfect for traders of any ability. Even if you are a seasoned pro within the forex market, you can make money with this robot.

QuantumFXRobot Review

Russ Horn Forex Master MethodAre you ready to become a Master in Forex? How does one master the Forex market? These are questions that can rarely be answered, but now you have the product from Russ Horn to help you master the craft of Forex.

Welcome to the Forex Master Method

The Forex Master Method is slated to teach you a strategy that Russ Horn has been trading for some time. He has obviously mastered this strategy or he would have called it something else. He expects people to learn his method in a 8 part course DVD packet.

Receive a $25 Amazon Gift card when you ORDER HERE Just use our contact form after buying the Forex Master Method and tell us your name and email.

Here is what you get when you purchase the Forex Master Method

1. The Full Manual
2. 8 DVD’s breaking down each level that is needed to succeed
3. The Trade Locator and power Currency Software – The trade assistant software will find trades for you
4. Access to the War Room – A members area with more videos, webinars and other updated materials
5. 24/7 Customer Support – This is very critical whenever you are first starting out with a new product.

At this point it will be up to you and see if this strategy will help you become a Forex master. Please let us know if you have any questions or more information about the Forex Master Method. See more at Review

TrailinGator ReviewForex Trailingator ( is not a robot that automatically makes trades for you based upon indicators that you never see. Rather, this product gives you much more freedom in order to make your trading life much simpler. This piece of software allows both automatically generated trades as well as your own discretionary trades. In fact, this system favors traders who make their own manual decisions.

The Trailingator software was designed with professional Forex traders in mind, but is so simple that a complete novice can also use it. Because this system allows manual trades, it does require a certain degree of Forex knowledge, though—this also makes it a much more profitable tool since you no longer need to worry about programming in trailing loss stops. When a trade goes sour, you can exit it almost instantly without having to worry about whether or not the robot will kick in. This method of trading helps you to lower your loss rate.

This software package has a one-time installation with the occasional update. Still, it is extremely easy to get working on your computer. The Trailingator system works by allowing you to maximize profits while minimizing losses. When a trade starts to reverse itself, the software immediately ends the trade, allowing you to keep as much of the profits gained as possible.
Forex Trailingator allows scalpers to lock in as much profit as possible as it immediately cuts your losses for you. If you are more of a long term Forex trader, however, this system will still contribute to your success as it eliminates a step from your trading process. Whatever type of trader you are, this software can make your life much easier.

Forex Trailingator Review

Trade Forge FXIf you’ve been Forex trading a while you know what the Metatrader platform is all about. If you are new or haven’t seen the Forex Metatrader platform then now is the time to learn about it. The Gentleman at Trade Forge FX have developed a piece of software that allows you to create your own trading strategy without knowing how to code or develop.

This is very powerful for the drag and drop people who like to visually make something happen. You are now able to create and test Forex Strategies in minutes. This lets you bring ideas that you would have no clue if it had value to fruition. You can come up with your own one of a kind strategy and apply it to any chart that your Forex broker supports. (Forex – Oil – Gold – S&P)


We’ve been around the Metatrader platform for some time and have learned the power of it. It’s a free open code platform that will allow the Trade Forge FX product to work perfectly. Creating a new strategy in minutes is a great feeling. Another aspect of Trade Forge FX, is if you find that your strategy is a complete failure, you can take that strategy within TradeforgeFX and invert it. This is known as binary inversion. Taking the opposite of what you originally wanted to do. You can find some amazing winners this way.

This is not a system or EA. This is a product that will let YOU become a real trader and develop your own System or EA and not depend on others.

Have a look at Trade Forge FX Demo and tell us what you think.

Trade Forge FX Review

Currency Strength Robot ReviewHenry Liu is back with a new product. This is a monthly subscription service to his Currency Strength meter approach. However, the great thing about this is the automation affect. You get to trade this system in automation, making life a lot easier for many traders who can’t sit in front of their computers all day.

During the past 6 months, the system has delivered 12-15 percent profit with very limited draw-down. During the beta testing of the robot over 200 traders reported significant and realistic gains on their accounts. These traders had results showing gains of over 30% on their account in a 30 day period. All these tests were done at 40 different brokers. This means you will most likely be using one of the brokers that this robot will work with.

Another important fact about the Currency Strength Robot is the client/server infrastructure setup. With your monthly subscription you will not have to worry about EA coding or hacking. This will give you the best chance of profiting from a robot. As long as the Expert advisor is producing the right results the life of this bot will continue.

A cool feature with the Currency Strength Robot is the filter put in place. These filters will take caution around news time and other volatile times.

We hope this Currency Strength Robot Review will help you decide on whether to purchase it or not. A lot times with these things you will just need to take a chance. To pay one month for this service may be worth it for a long time running of profits. Review

WallStreet Forex RobotThe WallStreet Forex Robot ( is an advanced self-updating forex trading robot. Thanks to its programming, this robot is always updating itself to keep track of the most current market conditions. This system can trade up to four currency pairs while keeping a constant tab on market dynamics. This is all done without regard to the time of day, ensuring that you will not miss a good trade.

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The WallStreet Forex Robot was developed by some of the most successful currency traders especially for beginning and other ordinary retail forex traders. On top of everything else, this system is fully automated. You do not even need to be at your computer to execute trades.

This system has proven to be a low risk/high reward robot. While roughly 95 percent of Forex traders lose money, this system acts as a breath of fresh air for traders looking to make a profit. There are many reasons why traders lose money, either because of their inexperience, or their unfamiliarity with their trading software. This system eliminates many ordinary mistakes that traders make and will allow you to join that elite 5 percent group that trade in a profitable manner.

If you are tired of losing money in the Forex market, you need to change your losing strategy and exchange it for a winning one. WallStreet Forex Robot can be that change for you. This program is designed for average traders—this means that you do not need a huge amount of startup capital to become successful. Historical samples show that with a $2,500 initial deposit, the Wall Street Forex Robot was able to turn that money into a net profit of $12,600. This is something that the vast majority of other robots out there cannot duplicate.

Wall Stree Forex Robot Review

NovaCodeTraderThe Nova Code Trader ( is one of the most user friendly Forex trading systems on the web. This system is one of the more conservative trading systems out there thanks to their innovative trading criteria. Rather than basing trades upon many different factors, this system bases trades solely on price movement. This method eliminates what they have dubbed as market “noise” and “clutter.” By only focusing on the most important aspect of trading, your trades will become much simpler and streamlined while not losing out on any profits that the market generates for you.

Because trades are based on price movement, this system works well when trading news. Thanks to its quick response time, events such as political and economic happenings are evaluated instantly and the appropriate trade is signaled for you. Nova Code Trader has your bases covered regardless of what kind of trader you were prior to purchasing this system.

The best systems out there offer you money back guarantees because they are positive that their systems will work for you. Nova Code Trader is no different. With their policy, you are welcome to try this program risk-free; if it doesn’t work for you, you can return it and your money will be returned to you. You don’t even need to risk trading capital to find out if it works. By using a practice trading account, you can use the Nova Code Trader in a zero risk environment. And with their superior customer service, you will never be stopped by technical problems. Review

Portfolio Prophet ReviewThe guys that brought you Forex Profit Multiplier are back and ready to help your portfolio with their product called Portfolio Prophet. This revolutionary product is a trade alert software and home study course. The Portfolio Prophet is geared toward portfolio traders and ones who like to trade ETFs as a way of safely building their wealth. Multiple settings from aggressive to conservative will tell the trader exactly which blend of ETFs they should be buying and selling at that particular time. It will even break things down along the lines of Stop Loss Orders and Profit targets.

A lot of traders have wanted to learn about ETF trading, but never knew exactly which approach worked best. Bill and Greg Poulos are here to help you take this method and make it profitable. Bringing it all together the Portfolio Prophet gives you six different modules to work through.

1. Overview of the Program
2. The Portfolio Prophet Trading Method
3. Portfolio Profit Trading Strategy
4. Information about where to trade the ETF’s
5. Summary of all the important items
6. Some extra bonus material to help you even more.

All this includes live sessions with the Porfolio Profit team, access to the proprietary software that gives you entry and exit signals and much more.

The price has not been determined yet, but will be available pretty soon. Just remember you will have access to a members area which could help you develop as a trader especially if you are new to the Forex Trading World.

As we learn more about the Portfolio Prophet you can be sure to find the information you’re looking for here. Review

Pro Trade CopyCat ReviewHow about a 71 day free trial using the Pro Trade CopyCat service that can generate trades for you so you don’t have to sit at your computer all the time. The Pro Trade Copycat service gives you a couple of options.

Pro Trade Option 1
For $37 a month after the free trial is over you will have access to the manual trading system. This system sends you their signals through email informing you when and what to trade. This covers all the major currency pairs. You can also obtain these signals in the exclusive member’s area.

Pro Trade Option 2
For a bit more money at $147 a month, you get a great package which includes an EA copier that trades for you delivered by the CopyCat Trading service. This will make it a lot easier to trade, knowing it will be done for you. It just may be well worth the extra money.

Inside the member’s area
After you sign up you gain access to the exclusive member’s area where you can learn all about the software and it’s intricacies. Some of the main features inside include:
1. The product downloads (EA)
2. Installation Manuals
3. The Signal Updates – Here is where you can get access to the signals manually.
4. Weekly Analysis – This is provided to you by the Pre Trade CopyCat Team.
5. Video Tutorials – These videos will go over some of the core items that will help you understand a bit better.
6. Customer Service – Having this is always a plus when you are not sure what to do.

Overall for a minimal price the Pro Trade CopyCat service seems like something worth trying. For a free trial you can learn on demo whether it is worth it or not before you actually spend a dime. We hope you got something out of this Pro Trade Copycat review and we look forward to providing you more reviews in the future. Bonus offers some alarming information for Forex traders: most of the products that are marketed to help you make money trading currencies simply do not work. In fact, many of them cost quite a bit and will still lose money for you. Bob Iaccino sets forth three rules to help you distinguish a good product from a losing one.

The first of these is to not believe the “proof” on a product’s home page. Many times, the supposed proof chart that you are looking at is the product of a graphic designer, not a real trading platform. Doing this is not a difficult task. Rather than taking snapshots of a real trade, it is easier for these product designers to generate false charts. These are meant to entice the viewer into buying the product. Even if the numbers are real, they can be the product of back testing. By doing this, the trader can pick and choose which examples to show on the site. Of course they are going to show winning examples.
Trader Swiper Review

Rule number two is that robots do not work. Robots are often cheap, but not effective. If a robot truly works, they would not be sold for $100, $200, or such dollars. A real effective robot is worth much more than this.

The third rule is to check the credibility of the person designing the product. If the person who creates the product is not a professional trader, how can their system lead you to become one? It just doesn’t make sense.

TraderSwiper is a proven product designed by a top professional in the Forex world. A professional trader can lead you to become a professional as well. More importantly, you will learn to make trader for yourself instead of becoming dependent on another trader.

We hope this Trader Swiper Review was useful to you.

Rovernorthforexsystem.comThe Rovernorth Forex System claims to be the best and toughest forex trading tool out there, and for good reason. This system is a solution to all of your forex trading problems and it is extremely easy to learn. A novice trader can be elevated to a winning forex trader in less than 25 minutes.

Why is something so simple and easy to use so effective? The Rovernorth Forex System works because it takes into account the changing nature of the currency markets. This is something that the so called experts and gurus have not yet realized. As a consequence, the systems that those experts have espoused simply do not work as well as they should. Maybe you are one of the folks who have unfortunately realized this through trial and error. If so, this product is for you.

This system works because it takes into account the currency market’s fluid nature. The “next generation traders” that designed this system are willing to not only share this new method of trading with you, they will teach you how to trade on your own. The Rovernorth Forex System is so easy that someone who has never traded before can use this to make money almost immediately. With this secret being completely revealed, there is only one outcome: your trading strategy will be forever changed for the better.
The Rovernorth Forex System Review
Forex traders are usually day traders that try and make as much money as fast as they can. There is nothing wrong with this approach to trading—if you know what you are doing. The vast majority of day traders, however, lose a lot of money over the long run. This is because day trading is extremely risky. You have to front a large sum of money in the hopes that prices will move a tiny bit in your favor. This is fine and dandy when you are on the winning end of the trade, but when you are wrong in your predictions, you stand the chance of losing your hard earned money very quickly. Day trading is certainly not for everyone because of this.

Elemental Trader Video

The Elemental Trader system is not for day traders. This package is designed to help you to make money over the long term on a consistent basis. Rather than having you toss all of your trading capital into trade after trade in a given day, this system works over the long term. Its unique approach to risk management is what makes this product special. By putting a large sum at risk in one single trade you are hindering your chances at long term profits; the Elemental Trader uses money management skills unheard of in other Forex systems.

Instead of trying to make you rich quick only to fail miserably, this system puts your long term goals first. Now, your long term goals cannot be reached if you don’t satisfy your short term goals first. This is a fact that the designers of the Elemental Trader have taken into account. Rather than pouring all of your money into one or two high risk trades, this system encourages traders to stick to the smaller trades so that not as much risk is involved.

This system’s success is made possible by the fundamental theory behind the Elemental Trader. Rather than giving traders a cookie cutter approach to trading, this system takes each trader’s individual needs and concerns into account. You are taught how to construct your very own trading system based upon your strengths and weaknesses. The trading plan that you will construct with the video tutorial’s guidance takes into account not only your account balance, but other factors such as age and family life. A thirty year old trader who lives on his own will necessarily have a different trading strategy than a fifty year old with three kids and a wife will have.

With its harmonic pattern recognition software, this program will teach you what to look for in your trades in addition to finding good trading opportunities that match your needs. The beauty of this system is that the ultimate decision is left to you, the trader. Control of your money and where you choose to invest it is your choice. This freedom encourages you to not overstep your trading boundaries and encourages traders to see small profits day after day. These small profits will add up to large profits over the long term, something that most trading systems cannot accomplish.

This is just another Elemental Trader Review for Forex Traders just like us. Review

Forex Combo System ReviewThe Forex Combo System is designed to make you money regardless of the market conditions. This software package combines three separate trading robots, using them to independently and autonomously open and close positions for you. These robots are each proven to make money separately—together they will make even more. You have the option of using one, two, or all three of the trading strategies created with this software. Whether you want to scalp, ride trends, or go against current trends, this software truly has something for each type of trader.

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If you are concerned about risk, this program will satisfy your needs. Each of the three systems has built in defensive stops, allowing you to minimize your losses and maximize profits. Only a small percentage of your trading capital is put at risk with each trade. And because these systems are proven to work over the long term, you will soon see your bankroll grow.

Designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform, this system is the next generation of Forex robots. Because it is actually three robots in one, the Forex Combo System will take your trading to the next level more quickly. The six and a half years that have been tested with this package have seen a profit of over $230,000. This was done with only a $1,000 deposit, making the gains even more impressive. If you are serious about your trading, the Forex Combo System is for you. Whether you are an experienced trader looking for a new method of making money, or a brand new trader looking for some guidance, the Forex Combo System will provide amazing results. Review