Oct 10

Oracle Trader

Oracle Trader ReviewAlmost every day, traders are faced with news events that move the market. A lot them sit on the sidelines waiting for the news to come out. This only issue is, they usually miss out on the big news spike the release causes. What if you had a software package that took advantage of this fast action and got you 100?s of pips a month. The service that can do that is the Oracle Trader by Dustin Pass and the guys at Forextradersdaily.com.

This Oracle Trader software works with any platform you may be using, but most likely the case would be the Metatrader 4 platform. By using the Oracle Trader software, you will get automatically into the trade at the exact moment the news is released giving you maximum gain. Once parameters are setup for each trade which only takes a few minutes, you are set to watch the pips flow.

Unfortunately the cost of this product is relatively high. At over $2000, you would need a nice size trading account just to make back what you paid for it. Dustin does run competitions and bonuses so you can win free trials and what have you, but you may want to act fast as it will most likely be pulled off the market relatively soon.

Next time you are faced with a news event like NonFarm payroll, you can actually feel confident about placing a trade since the OracleTrader will be doing the work for you. You can keep reading about the Oracle Trader Review below.