FXDD Review

FXDD.com ReviewFXDD.com offers something truly unique and beneficial on their site. On many spreads they offer 0.5 pip differences, and in some cases go even lower. FXDD is a great platform for trading on the forex market because of this. They offer much more than small spreads, though. Education is a key component of any trader’s journey; the more you know the more profits you will potentially make. FXDD acknowledges this. With their free live web seminars, FXDD does something that very few online brokerages do: they educate you in the process of becoming a more successful trader. Their learning center is one of the best on the web.

FXDD also takes the fact that trading is a very risky activity into account. They allow margin usage of up to 50:1 on most currency transactions. Some of the riskier currencies are cut down to 20:1. Additionally, FXDD does not charge commissions or transaction fees on their trades. Although they don’t have as high of a leverage percentage as other brokers, they make up for it by protecting their clients with an extra degree of protection. They also give access to news reports because so many traders execute transactions based upon the news.

If you are looking for safety and security, you can rest assured with this site. They have over $44 million in ownership equity, making this company is a strong and steady one. Their software has many built in protection features as well, protecting your money and your identity.

FXDD.com Broker Review