Dukascopy Review

Dukascopy ReviewDukascopy.com is a Swiss operated online currency brokerage that has tiny spreads and great rates for its clients. Some of their bid / ask spreads are as low as 0.5 to 1 pip. And because they are such a major forex trader, they offer some of the most liquid transactions out there. Their size allows them to offer their liquidity to all of their clients, not just the ones with large bankrolls. This brokerage allows traders to place many different types of transactions. These include, but are not limited to, stop-loss and limit orders. Many brokers do not offer this for their clients.

Because Dukascopy is a Swiss owned company, most transactions are done in Swiss Francs. In order to be eligible for leverage, you must have 100 Francs in your account. One Swiss Franc is worth roughly $1.04, so a minimum of $104 is necessary. This will allow you 100:1 leverage. This translates easily enough to U.S. dollars; for every $100 in your account, you can purchase $10,000 worth of currency. On the weekends, leverage is reduced to 30:1.

One major downfall of purchasing currencies with leverage is the margin call. According to Dukascopy.com, reserves the right, but not the obligation, to reduce a trader’s margin if they feel that the trader is in too risky of a situation. This is something to always be aware of—they can call in the debt you owe to them at any time.

Dukascopy.com Review