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Russ Horn Forex Master MethodAre you ready to become a Master in Forex? How does one master the Forex market? These are questions that can rarely be answered, but now you have the product from Russ Horn to help you master the craft of Forex.

Welcome to the Forex Master Method

The Forex Master Method is slated to teach you a strategy that Russ Horn has been trading for some time. He has obviously mastered this strategy or he would have called it something else. He expects people to learn his method in a 8 part course DVD packet.

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Here is what you get when you purchase the Forex Master Method

1. The Full Manual
2. 8 DVD’s breaking down each level that is needed to succeed
3. The Trade Locator and power Currency Software – The trade assistant software will find trades for you
4. Access to the War Room – A members area with more videos, webinars and other updated materials
5. 24/7 Customer Support – This is very critical whenever you are first starting out with a new product.

At this point it will be up to you and see if this strategy will help you become a Forex master. Please let us know if you have any questions or more information about the Forex Master Method. See more at Review

TrailinGator ReviewForex Trailingator ( is not a robot that automatically makes trades for you based upon indicators that you never see. Rather, this product gives you much more freedom in order to make your trading life much simpler. This piece of software allows both automatically generated trades as well as your own discretionary trades. In fact, this system favors traders who make their own manual decisions.

The Trailingator software was designed with professional Forex traders in mind, but is so simple that a complete novice can also use it. Because this system allows manual trades, it does require a certain degree of Forex knowledge, though—this also makes it a much more profitable tool since you no longer need to worry about programming in trailing loss stops. When a trade goes sour, you can exit it almost instantly without having to worry about whether or not the robot will kick in. This method of trading helps you to lower your loss rate.

This software package has a one-time installation with the occasional update. Still, it is extremely easy to get working on your computer. The Trailingator system works by allowing you to maximize profits while minimizing losses. When a trade starts to reverse itself, the software immediately ends the trade, allowing you to keep as much of the profits gained as possible.
Forex Trailingator allows scalpers to lock in as much profit as possible as it immediately cuts your losses for you. If you are more of a long term Forex trader, however, this system will still contribute to your success as it eliminates a step from your trading process. Whatever type of trader you are, this software can make your life much easier.

Forex Trailingator Review