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Trade Forge FXIf you’ve been Forex trading a while you know what the Metatrader platform is all about. If you are new or haven’t seen the Forex Metatrader platform then now is the time to learn about it. The Gentleman at Trade Forge FX have developed a piece of software that allows you to create your own trading strategy without knowing how to code or develop.

This is very powerful for the drag and drop people who like to visually make something happen. You are now able to create and test Forex Strategies in minutes. This lets you bring ideas that you would have no clue if it had value to fruition. You can come up with your own one of a kind strategy and apply it to any chart that your Forex broker supports. (Forex – Oil – Gold – S&P)


We’ve been around the Metatrader platform for some time and have learned the power of it. It’s a free open code platform that will allow the Trade Forge FX product to work perfectly. Creating a new strategy in minutes is a great feeling. Another aspect of Trade Forge FX, is if you find that your strategy is a complete failure, you can take that strategy within TradeforgeFX and invert it. This is known as binary inversion. Taking the opposite of what you originally wanted to do. You can find some amazing winners this way.

This is not a system or EA. This is a product that will let YOU become a real trader and develop your own System or EA and not depend on others.

Have a look at Trade Forge FX Demo and tell us what you think.

Trade Forge FX Review