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Currency Strength Robot ReviewHenry Liu is back with a new product. This is a monthly subscription service to his Currency Strength meter approach. However, the great thing about this is the automation affect. You get to trade this system in automation, making life a lot easier for many traders who can’t sit in front of their computers all day.

During the past 6 months, the system has delivered 12-15 percent profit with very limited draw-down. During the beta testing of the robot over 200 traders reported significant and realistic gains on their accounts. These traders had results showing gains of over 30% on their account in a 30 day period. All these tests were done at 40 different brokers. This means you will most likely be using one of the brokers that this robot will work with.

Another important fact about the Currency Strength Robot is the client/server infrastructure setup. With your monthly subscription you will not have to worry about EA coding or hacking. This will give you the best chance of profiting from a robot. As long as the Expert advisor is producing the right results the life of this bot will continue.

A cool feature with the Currency Strength Robot is the filter put in place. These filters will take caution around news time and other volatile times.

We hope this Currency Strength Robot Review will help you decide on whether to purchase it or not. A lot times with these things you will just need to take a chance. To pay one month for this service may be worth it for a long time running of profits. Review

WallStreet Forex RobotThe WallStreet Forex Robot ( is an advanced self-updating forex trading robot. Thanks to its programming, this robot is always updating itself to keep track of the most current market conditions. This system can trade up to four currency pairs while keeping a constant tab on market dynamics. This is all done without regard to the time of day, ensuring that you will not miss a good trade.

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The WallStreet Forex Robot was developed by some of the most successful currency traders especially for beginning and other ordinary retail forex traders. On top of everything else, this system is fully automated. You do not even need to be at your computer to execute trades.

This system has proven to be a low risk/high reward robot. While roughly 95 percent of Forex traders lose money, this system acts as a breath of fresh air for traders looking to make a profit. There are many reasons why traders lose money, either because of their inexperience, or their unfamiliarity with their trading software. This system eliminates many ordinary mistakes that traders make and will allow you to join that elite 5 percent group that trade in a profitable manner.

If you are tired of losing money in the Forex market, you need to change your losing strategy and exchange it for a winning one. WallStreet Forex Robot can be that change for you. This program is designed for average traders—this means that you do not need a huge amount of startup capital to become successful. Historical samples show that with a $2,500 initial deposit, the Wall Street Forex Robot was able to turn that money into a net profit of $12,600. This is something that the vast majority of other robots out there cannot duplicate.

Wall Stree Forex Robot Review

NovaCodeTraderThe Nova Code Trader ( is one of the most user friendly Forex trading systems on the web. This system is one of the more conservative trading systems out there thanks to their innovative trading criteria. Rather than basing trades upon many different factors, this system bases trades solely on price movement. This method eliminates what they have dubbed as market “noise” and “clutter.” By only focusing on the most important aspect of trading, your trades will become much simpler and streamlined while not losing out on any profits that the market generates for you.

Because trades are based on price movement, this system works well when trading news. Thanks to its quick response time, events such as political and economic happenings are evaluated instantly and the appropriate trade is signaled for you. Nova Code Trader has your bases covered regardless of what kind of trader you were prior to purchasing this system.

The best systems out there offer you money back guarantees because they are positive that their systems will work for you. Nova Code Trader is no different. With their policy, you are welcome to try this program risk-free; if it doesn’t work for you, you can return it and your money will be returned to you. You don’t even need to risk trading capital to find out if it works. By using a practice trading account, you can use the Nova Code Trader in a zero risk environment. And with their superior customer service, you will never be stopped by technical problems. Review

Portfolio Prophet ReviewThe guys that brought you Forex Profit Multiplier are back and ready to help your portfolio with their product called Portfolio Prophet. This revolutionary product is a trade alert software and home study course. The Portfolio Prophet is geared toward portfolio traders and ones who like to trade ETFs as a way of safely building their wealth. Multiple settings from aggressive to conservative will tell the trader exactly which blend of ETFs they should be buying and selling at that particular time. It will even break things down along the lines of Stop Loss Orders and Profit targets.

A lot of traders have wanted to learn about ETF trading, but never knew exactly which approach worked best. Bill and Greg Poulos are here to help you take this method and make it profitable. Bringing it all together the Portfolio Prophet gives you six different modules to work through.

1. Overview of the Program
2. The Portfolio Prophet Trading Method
3. Portfolio Profit Trading Strategy
4. Information about where to trade the ETF’s
5. Summary of all the important items
6. Some extra bonus material to help you even more.

All this includes live sessions with the Porfolio Profit team, access to the proprietary software that gives you entry and exit signals and much more.

The price has not been determined yet, but will be available pretty soon. Just remember you will have access to a members area which could help you develop as a trader especially if you are new to the Forex Trading World.

As we learn more about the Portfolio Prophet you can be sure to find the information you’re looking for here. Review

Pro Trade CopyCat ReviewHow about a 71 day free trial using the Pro Trade CopyCat service that can generate trades for you so you don’t have to sit at your computer all the time. The Pro Trade Copycat service gives you a couple of options.

Pro Trade Option 1
For $37 a month after the free trial is over you will have access to the manual trading system. This system sends you their signals through email informing you when and what to trade. This covers all the major currency pairs. You can also obtain these signals in the exclusive member’s area.

Pro Trade Option 2
For a bit more money at $147 a month, you get a great package which includes an EA copier that trades for you delivered by the CopyCat Trading service. This will make it a lot easier to trade, knowing it will be done for you. It just may be well worth the extra money.

Inside the member’s area
After you sign up you gain access to the exclusive member’s area where you can learn all about the software and it’s intricacies. Some of the main features inside include:
1. The product downloads (EA)
2. Installation Manuals
3. The Signal Updates – Here is where you can get access to the signals manually.
4. Weekly Analysis – This is provided to you by the Pre Trade CopyCat Team.
5. Video Tutorials – These videos will go over some of the core items that will help you understand a bit better.
6. Customer Service – Having this is always a plus when you are not sure what to do.

Overall for a minimal price the Pro Trade CopyCat service seems like something worth trying. For a free trial you can learn on demo whether it is worth it or not before you actually spend a dime. We hope you got something out of this Pro Trade Copycat review and we look forward to providing you more reviews in the future.