Archive for January 2011 Bonus offers some alarming information for Forex traders: most of the products that are marketed to help you make money trading currencies simply do not work. In fact, many of them cost quite a bit and will still lose money for you. Bob Iaccino sets forth three rules to help you distinguish a good product from a losing one.

The first of these is to not believe the “proof” on a product’s home page. Many times, the supposed proof chart that you are looking at is the product of a graphic designer, not a real trading platform. Doing this is not a difficult task. Rather than taking snapshots of a real trade, it is easier for these product designers to generate false charts. These are meant to entice the viewer into buying the product. Even if the numbers are real, they can be the product of back testing. By doing this, the trader can pick and choose which examples to show on the site. Of course they are going to show winning examples.
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Rule number two is that robots do not work. Robots are often cheap, but not effective. If a robot truly works, they would not be sold for $100, $200, or such dollars. A real effective robot is worth much more than this.

The third rule is to check the credibility of the person designing the product. If the person who creates the product is not a professional trader, how can their system lead you to become one? It just doesn’t make sense.

TraderSwiper is a proven product designed by a top professional in the Forex world. A professional trader can lead you to become a professional as well. More importantly, you will learn to make trader for yourself instead of becoming dependent on another trader.

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Rovernorthforexsystem.comThe Rovernorth Forex System claims to be the best and toughest forex trading tool out there, and for good reason. This system is a solution to all of your forex trading problems and it is extremely easy to learn. A novice trader can be elevated to a winning forex trader in less than 25 minutes.

Why is something so simple and easy to use so effective? The Rovernorth Forex System works because it takes into account the changing nature of the currency markets. This is something that the so called experts and gurus have not yet realized. As a consequence, the systems that those experts have espoused simply do not work as well as they should. Maybe you are one of the folks who have unfortunately realized this through trial and error. If so, this product is for you.

This system works because it takes into account the currency market’s fluid nature. The “next generation traders” that designed this system are willing to not only share this new method of trading with you, they will teach you how to trade on your own. The Rovernorth Forex System is so easy that someone who has never traded before can use this to make money almost immediately. With this secret being completely revealed, there is only one outcome: your trading strategy will be forever changed for the better.
The Rovernorth Forex System Review
Forex traders are usually day traders that try and make as much money as fast as they can. There is nothing wrong with this approach to trading—if you know what you are doing. The vast majority of day traders, however, lose a lot of money over the long run. This is because day trading is extremely risky. You have to front a large sum of money in the hopes that prices will move a tiny bit in your favor. This is fine and dandy when you are on the winning end of the trade, but when you are wrong in your predictions, you stand the chance of losing your hard earned money very quickly. Day trading is certainly not for everyone because of this.

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The Elemental Trader system is not for day traders. This package is designed to help you to make money over the long term on a consistent basis. Rather than having you toss all of your trading capital into trade after trade in a given day, this system works over the long term. Its unique approach to risk management is what makes this product special. By putting a large sum at risk in one single trade you are hindering your chances at long term profits; the Elemental Trader uses money management skills unheard of in other Forex systems.

Instead of trying to make you rich quick only to fail miserably, this system puts your long term goals first. Now, your long term goals cannot be reached if you don’t satisfy your short term goals first. This is a fact that the designers of the Elemental Trader have taken into account. Rather than pouring all of your money into one or two high risk trades, this system encourages traders to stick to the smaller trades so that not as much risk is involved.

This system’s success is made possible by the fundamental theory behind the Elemental Trader. Rather than giving traders a cookie cutter approach to trading, this system takes each trader’s individual needs and concerns into account. You are taught how to construct your very own trading system based upon your strengths and weaknesses. The trading plan that you will construct with the video tutorial’s guidance takes into account not only your account balance, but other factors such as age and family life. A thirty year old trader who lives on his own will necessarily have a different trading strategy than a fifty year old with three kids and a wife will have.

With its harmonic pattern recognition software, this program will teach you what to look for in your trades in addition to finding good trading opportunities that match your needs. The beauty of this system is that the ultimate decision is left to you, the trader. Control of your money and where you choose to invest it is your choice. This freedom encourages you to not overstep your trading boundaries and encourages traders to see small profits day after day. These small profits will add up to large profits over the long term, something that most trading systems cannot accomplish.

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Forex Combo System ReviewThe Forex Combo System is designed to make you money regardless of the market conditions. This software package combines three separate trading robots, using them to independently and autonomously open and close positions for you. These robots are each proven to make money separately—together they will make even more. You have the option of using one, two, or all three of the trading strategies created with this software. Whether you want to scalp, ride trends, or go against current trends, this software truly has something for each type of trader.

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If you are concerned about risk, this program will satisfy your needs. Each of the three systems has built in defensive stops, allowing you to minimize your losses and maximize profits. Only a small percentage of your trading capital is put at risk with each trade. And because these systems are proven to work over the long term, you will soon see your bankroll grow.

Designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform, this system is the next generation of Forex robots. Because it is actually three robots in one, the Forex Combo System will take your trading to the next level more quickly. The six and a half years that have been tested with this package have seen a profit of over $230,000. This was done with only a $1,000 deposit, making the gains even more impressive. If you are serious about your trading, the Forex Combo System is for you. Whether you are an experienced trader looking for a new method of making money, or a brand new trader looking for some guidance, the Forex Combo System will provide amazing results. Review

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When it comes to Forex trader Joe Atkins, you know you’re in good hands with your trading. Joe will show you how to become a winning trader and get you away from all the bad habits of a losing one. You can see plenty of videos of what he is talking about and how his system will work for you.  It has a money back guarantee, which makes us more comfortable about this product.  If it is not for you, a refund will be available.

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A Forex system that has 28,000 hours behind it can only be known a Project Tango. The true name has yet to be release, but they are using this for now.

Brought to you by the Options University Group the upcoming Webinar may be what you need to get on the right path to financial freedom.  As the system evolves in the real world we will keep you posted.

The Signal Machine ReviewTal Herman’s Signals Machine is a Forex trading tool completely dedicated to the trading between the Great Britain Pound and the U.S. Dollar. Dubbed as a “next generation” signals software, this package uses three independent and accurate strategies in order to generate the signals that tell you whether to buy or sell the dollar or the pound. With both voice and email notifications of when these trades should take place, you are sure to stay on top of your trading. At the same time, this frees up more of your time.

This program uses cutting edge technology, but remains extremely easy to use. There are separate buy and sell signals, as well as fifteen minute warning signals designed to make your life easier. You also get a message when the software is scanning for a trade, a tool that allows you to know when to be on the lookout. This is what separates this product from many others. If you don’t know just when you are supposed to be making a trade, your system will fail miserably. The Signals Machine gives you a warning when a trade is coming up and lets you know exactly when you need to execute that trade.

Additionally, this product uses news analysis in order to help you make better trades, a method that many trading robots that rely solely on technical analysis ignore. By examining news, a whole new branch of trading strategies is opened, allowing you to make even more of a profit.

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Signals Machine Review