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Oracle Trader ReviewAlmost every day, traders are faced with news events that move the market. A lot them sit on the sidelines waiting for the news to come out. This only issue is, they usually miss out on the big news spike the release causes. What if you had a software package that took advantage of this fast action and got you 100?s of pips a month. The service that can do that is the Oracle Trader by Dustin Pass and the guys at

This Oracle Trader software works with any platform you may be using, but most likely the case would be the Metatrader 4 platform. By using the Oracle Trader software, you will get automatically into the trade at the exact moment the news is released giving you maximum gain. Once parameters are setup for each trade which only takes a few minutes, you are set to watch the pips flow.

Unfortunately the cost of this product is relatively high. At over $2000, you would need a nice size trading account just to make back what you paid for it. Dustin does run competitions and bonuses so you can win free trials and what have you, but you may want to act fast as it will most likely be pulled off the market relatively soon.

Next time you are faced with a news event like NonFarm payroll, you can actually feel confident about placing a trade since the OracleTrader will be doing the work for you. You can keep reading about the Oracle Trader Review below.

Forex Quattro Robot ReviewOur Forex review once again is based on preliminary reports about this new Forex Robot that has come to market. Rita Lasker has developed this software with the professional trader in mind, but keeping the retail guy in the mix. The Forex Quattro or allows you to earn four times your initial deposit that you place into your trading account. It only takes a few minutes to get up and running. The robot is programmed to take care of all things that have held you back as a trader.

Forex FourX runs on four wheels giving it that much more horsepower to make you money. What makes the Forex Quattro so unique is that it’s sold as one robot, yet it performs like you have four of them. All independent of each other. This essentially means you can trade two different times frame on two different currencies at the same time. This seems very interesting for sure.

Being that the robot is a four in one deal, you would think the price would be four times as much. If this were the case you would be paying $396 for this robot. However, Rita is only charging the standard $99.

Some nice built in features include:
1. Automatic Time Adjustment
2. No experience is necessary, but we highly recommend you know what you are doing.
3. Minimal risk
4. Money Back Guarantee

To continue reading about the Robot visit the website below.

Forex Cash Bot ReviewAnother Forex Robot makes it’s debut on November 1st. The questions is, are you ready to take on another piece of software for the Metatrader platform? According to the Forex Cash Bot team, there has been one user that has made $450,000 in profits in four months. Be ready to take a closer look at what this new Metatrader robot can do for you. Make sure you get the information before everyone else. Having the clickbank guarantee is always a positive with these new bots.

This bot is geared toward taken advantage

Product Cost = $39
Only 500 copies will be available of this FX Cash Bot
Money Back Guarantee – Like all products with Clickbank, you have 60 days.

ForexCashBot Review

Forex Profit Multiplier ReviewWhether you are new to the Forex Market or have been trading for quite some time, a new product has come to market to make things easier for you as a trader. The Forex Profit Multiplier, create by Bill Poulos has recently changed the way people look at the market. Using this method can get you in some significant moves during the right time. Using a longer term trading method the Forex Profit Multiplier gives you signals on a 4 hour chart.

Some great features about this trading method is, once you learn the strategy, you can use it when ready. Meaning, trade signal can be emailed or sent by SMS to your phone. This allows you to be away from your computer, but still know what’s going on. You can then place the orders based on the signals when you get back in front of your tradestation. Usually after signals are given, there is plenty of time before the actual trade is triggered. This gives you plenty of freedom to do other things while waiting for trades to be alerted to you.

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Forex Profit Multiplier Gift

What do you get with Purchase?
1. Course Material to learn how each method functions
2. Video Tutorials of all the modules
3. Access to a support Community
4. The Forex Trade Signal software
5. Hopefully some winning trades

Look at the Forex Multiplier web site for the latest winning trades. Videos are showing big profits with plenty of time for execution.

Forex TradingIf you would like to get into trading in the Forex market, you will have to learn all about currency pairs. As the name suggests, these are types of currency which are commonly used together, as the value of one currency is taken against the value of the other. In the pair, the first noted currency is known as the base currency. It may also be called primary currency. On the other hand, its partner is known as the counter currency, but may alternatively be referred to as the quote currency. To describe the relationship of these two elements in more concrete terms, an exchange rate shows how much of the quote currency is needed in order to reach the equivalent value of a single unit of the primary currency. The currencies are usually abbreviated and sometimes separated with a slash when displaying the most recent exchange rate. Sometimes, pairs themselves are abbreviated instead of noting the two different currencies separately.

Of course, it is quite simple to put together just about any combination in order to come up with a currency pair. It is, however, important to be familiar with the pairs that are traded most frequently and are therefore perceived to be the most stable. These are known as major currency pairs, or Majors. Aside from being the most popular pairs, these are also usually the easiest to trade, as doing so does not normally carry with it special restrictions which may be imposed on some uncommon currencies.

The currencies included in the Majors are the euro, U.S. dollar, Japanese yen, Sterling pound, Swiss franc, Australian dollar, and New Zealand dollar. Each of the combination’s include the U.S. dollar, either as a primary or quote currency. If the U.S. dollar is not included in a particular pair, this falls under the classification of cross-currency pairs. As a rule of thumb, it is better to start trading with the more well-known major pairs, such as those involving the euro or the pound.